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Get to Know The Baker

Danielle is the owner and baker behind Grateful Bakery. She lives on Maryland’s eastern shore with her loving wife and two amazing daughters. She is a self-taught baker and after being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004 became a self-taught gluten free baker.  Danielle has lived all over the world and is a trained scientist.  She approaches baking the same way that she approaches any of her experiments, with a need to understand what is going on beneath the surface, and precision in how small changes to ingredients impact the end product.  Over the years, and after many, many experiments, she has created a gluten free flour blend that completely disguises the lack of gluten.  Cakes baked for family and friends are indistinguishable from cakes made with regular gluten flour.  With two young kids at home, Danielle made the decision to become a “home” baker.  She found her passion in baking and creating the foods people miss the most after they have cut out gluten.

Get to Know The Bakery

At Grateful Bakery we strive to provide great-tasting desserts made with high-quality ingredients that the gluten free community can eat without hesitation or fear of contamination.  To preserve the quality of our product, desserts are baked in small batches weekly.  Our mission is to create baked food that both gluten free and gluten eaters can enjoy, to remove the need for sad fruit salad desserts while others get to enjoy amazing cake, to give kids back fun birthday parties that include desserts all of the guests can enjoy and celebrate everyday life with food people have missed.  We value diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our company, as a female, LGBTQIA+ owned bakery we work hard to be involved in the community and support other small businesses.  Our goal is to grow to become the number one bakery that can be relied on for any event and for any dessert lover. 


Grateful bakery’s products are gluten free but do contain other allergens if you have specific needs please reach out at and we can determine if we are able to tweak recipes while keeping the quality high.

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